Gren Bartley is an accomplished English musician that has toured all over Europe and regularly does gigs in the United Kingdom. He hasn’t been in the music scene long, but he has already released a handful of albums and has become a well-respected musician. Nowadays, there are a number of musicians who are interested in doing a collaboration with him. And thanks to him.

Comparison and Latest Works

Critics that have listened to his music often compare him to talented musicians such as Elliot Smith, Rufus Wainwright, and Badly Drawn Boy, but, make no mistake about, Bartley is ambitious and talented enough to ensure that he stands out on his own in the music industry.

When you listen to his music you can tell that he is heavily influenced by American and British folk music and when you watch him live you can tell that he was born to play a guitar.


They say that a good singer or songwriter can be measured by the quality, not quantity, of their songs, but Bartley is one of those rare talents that has the ability to produce quality song after quality song. This is why his fanbase is constantly growing and will continue to do so.

One of his best albums is “Magnificent Creatures” and the one that he released before that, “Winter Fires”, is also a top-quality piece of work. If you have some spare time, we highly recommend that you give them both a listen.

Apart from Music, What is His Other Love in Life?

Well, as a musician he doesn’t have a lot of spare time, but every now and then he needs to take a break from writing and recording songs and focus on something else. The something else that he often focuses on is cricket as he is a huge fan of the sport. Whenever he is not touring the UK or Europe, he does his best to get to Lord’s to watch some cricket.

Being from West London, he is a very big Middlesex fan and tries to get to as many of their home matches as possible. He is also a fervent England supporter, and will always do his best to make sure that he can watch them play.

In fact, he was at the Cricket World Cup final between England and New Zealand that took place at Lord’s on the 14 July 2019. This was a match that he, as well as everyone else that watched it that day will not forget in a hurry. After both teams had batted their 50 overs, the scores were tied, meaning the match went to a Super Over. This also ended in a tie, which meant that England won the World Cup due to the fact that they hit the most boundaries during the game.

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